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5 tips for better newborn photos | Welcoming Stratton Allen

Uncategorized Apr 18, 2020

So, you're having a baby. Congratulations! (I had one. Highly recommend.)

If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen a lot of  Stratton Allen since he was born on December 24 (he's basically an accessory now; I will not apologize).

But the one thing I haven't shared with you yet is his newborn photos. I've been pretty lazy (read: haven't slept in four months) about getting these babies up. (Again, not apologizing.)

I was blown away by the job Amanda Raines did and wanted to share five tips on how we had such a wonderful newborn shoot.

>> I want to underline that these are tips for getting my ideal newborn photos. Everyone has their personal preference, and that's beautiful! If you love studio photography, put that baby in a lamb costume, Mama! If you're all about patterns, bring on the floral, sister! <<

5 tips for better newborn photos

  • Vet your newborn photographer. If you have your pick of sisters-in-law, I highly recommend finding one who is an incredible photographer. The next best thing is finding one you vibe with, especially if you want this person to do more family photos down the road. For example, if you want natural light and candid moments, don't hire a newborn photographer who mostly does studio work. Stalk their Instagram. Read their website. Ask your friends for referrals. 
  • Wear light, neutral colors. I had ordered an (ahem, adorable) mustard-colored outfit for Stratton to wear for this shoot, and was super bummed when it didn't arrive in time. Little did I know, newborns photograph best in a simple white onesie (thanks a million, Amanda!). Also, this tip *definitely* doesn't mean you all have to wear matching white button downs and make a human period on the beach. Just know that a lighter motif helps keep things soft and cohesive.
  • Use natural light. Another reason I'm so partial to in-home photos is the delicious morning light (keep this in mind when you schedule your session!). A bonus to an in-home session: If you're uncomfortable in front of a camera, you'll at least have the familiarity of being in your own space. Plan your location(s) around where you get the best morning or evening light.
  • Stay simple. Again, this is my personal aesthetic, but I very much prefer a "natural habitat" vibe. If you're doing your photos in your home and not a studio, try to plan beforehand where you can have a simple backdrop with good light that makes your wee family the focus. You'll notice that what my photos lack in bright colors or patterns, they gain in texture and subtle visual interest: muslin blankets, waffle knits and merle sweater dresses abound. Also keep makeup, nails, hair etc. simple.
  • Keep it timeless. What types of photos will you most cherish 20 years from now? This is important for location and outfits. Now isn't the time to try out your new favorite trend, go crazy with prints or wear bright red lipstick. Imagine what this photo will look like hanging on your wall when this baby is getting married (and then sob into a pillow as you think about your tiny nugget getting married). Will you still be happy with what you chose?



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