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The 5 mistakes that are sabotaging your outfits

event style workshop Sep 26, 2019
Do you ever feel like no matter how hard you try to look put-together you're just faking it?
Or like you wear the same boring outfit, day in and day out?
Or like your life has changed but your clothes haven't?
I hear you, sister.
There are five main mistakes everyone makes with their closet that keeps them from creating a simple, user-friendly wardrobe.
Here's a quick rundown of the five, how you can turn them around today and a very special event that can help you put it all together.
  1. You don’t identify your limiting beliefs first. Trying to build a simple wardrobe without knowing what's been holding you back this whole time is like trying to eat healthier without first knowing why you eat junk food. You have to know how you got here if you want to get there. Ask yourself: What stories do I carry that stop me from dressing and feeling my ultimate best? How can I flip them to make a new truth?
  2. You don’t define your why. Imagine the woman you want to be six months from now. Is she more confident? Does she have more respect at work? Is she a role model to her kids? Your why is often wrapped up in the person you want to become. Why do you want to conquer your closet once and for all?
  3. You don’t know what your own unique style is, so you haphazardly buy and purge things. If you don't know what your style IS then you can't know what it is NOT. Right? When you have no frame of reference or vocabulary to know whether something actually is your style, most everything will continue to be so-so. A quick way you can start defining your style is by scrolling through Pinterest or your favorite Instagram accounts and noticing the outfits you're drawn to and then ask yourself why you like specific details (not just "oh, that's cute"). Get my free worksheet to define your style.
  4. You don’t know your colors, so the whole store is one overwhelming rainbow. Want to know the fastest way to a user-friendly closet? Make sure your closet is filled with the colors that light you up. When everything in your closet is of the same palette, virtually everything pairs together to the point that you could get ready blindfolded. You can start by noticing if your hair has any golden or red hues and your eyes have gold flecks or a bright aqua (making you more warm) or if your eyes are more gray-blue, cool green or dark brown and your hair is platinum blond, flat brown or black (making you cool). Download a free color swatch sample from my ebook to find your colors.
  5. You don’t think in outfit formulas, so you are left cobbling together pieces every darn day. Having a couple outfit "formulas" up your sleeve will make most of what you wear an easy, mix-and-match swap. Maybe try high-rise jeans with a French tuck, a long cardigan and booties or mid-rise jeans, a longer T-shirt, cropped jacket and flats. Then, buy all those pieces in multiple colors. Easy peasy wardrobe.

Was all that info a little like drinking from a fire hose? Want to go more in depth? And maybe—in person?

This is exactly why I'm hosting Work Your Wardrobe: Feel comfortable and confident in your clothes.

You'll come hang out with me in Columbus over brunch while I give you the actionable tools you need to feel more confident and comfortable every day, through every chapter life throws at you.

We'll work together to identify your limiting beliefs, define your style, find your colors and body shape, and put it all together into your own outfit formulas.

Your ticket includes:

  • Your choice of earrings from Red Giraffe ($20 value)
  • Brunch bites from Alchemy
  • Refreshments
  • A Fox & Bloom color swatch in your season ($29.89 value)
  • Fox & Bloom's Build a Closet You Love ebook ($9.89 value)
  • Journal
  • A special gift from Deco Nail Studio

See you there!


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