Build a Closet You Love

Is getting dressed a daily battle?

Do you have boxes of clothes with six different sizes in them?

Do you wish you could dress with intention and clarity (and stop thinking so darn hard about it)?

Do you feel like your closet is bursting with clothes but you struggle with the age-old “nothing to wear” syndrome?

Do you think you’re completely failing at this style thing while it looks like everyone else is nailing it?

It’s time to simplify.

By simplifying our closets, we create space in life for what really matters: relationships, side hustles, activism, changing the world. You name it.

I wrote Build a Closet You Love: Buy less, get ready with ease and make time for what matters most just for you.

In this 35+ page PDF workbook you’ll learn how to:

  • Stop wasting time and money on blah and start living a life you love
  • Define your style and that all-important why
  • Learn your shape and how to flatter it
  • Find your colors and how they complement you
  • How to build a wishlist that helps you shop with intention
  • Detox your closet (yeah, I’m the friend who helps you get rid of your college clothes)
  • And so much more for $7.49

Ready to build a closet you love?

Seriously, I teach for a living and this book was just the life-giving tool I needed as I survive December and pry myself out of bed. I now look forward to getting dressed in the mornings.

-Jackie R.


You guys, only a few pages and exercises in and I’ve already had a style epiphany! This is going to make getting ready easy and enjoyable because I’m finding the clarity and intention I’ve been lacking. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is over closet drama, or to those of you that just avoid it completely. Face your fear…or closet, in this case.

-Ashley Y.