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One of the great ironies of technology is that as the world seems to get smaller, human connections seem to get more and more feeble.

But sometimes I get a glimpse of how it can bring people and ideas together that never would have joined were it not for the internets.

Kellie of Tranquil Designs is one of those people for me.

I adore collaborating with this human (she’s a boss babe who crafts all her own handmade jewelry). Kellie is sweet, truly cares about with whom she collaborates and is ultra-creative. She’s a person you can’t help but be inspired by.

I stole this snippet from her website:

“Several years after getting married, I realized, as a military wife, I needed an outlet to keep my mind and creativity awakened. So, I started making gemstone jewelry in 2012 and my passion quickly turned into a small business that continues to grow…. Each piece of jewelry has been handcrafted by me and my intention is to create jewels that inspire the soul.”

So much yes.

A change of style

As this little blog continues, expect to see more and more brands like Tranquil Designs. Brands that do good, inspire others and reimagine what could be. Brands that stand for people and the environment. Check out last week’s post for a little more about that (and keep an eye out for more to come).

Kellie was sweet enough to give all my babes a special discount on her jewelry, like the cuff pictured here. Just use code BLOOM15 for 15% off your purchase and thank me later.

All photos by Hayley Brooks for Fox and Bloom.

Author: Daniella

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