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Don’t be fooled by the lounge-y photo. This blog post took exponentially longer to write than most. Days, in fact. But planning and goal setting are inextricably linked with retrospection and introspection.

That meant taking the pieces of 2016, laying them out all around me and diving in.

What did I accomplish?

What brought me joy?

Who did I become?

What do I want to leave behind?

I faced some of my life’s toughest moments in 2016. I also celebrated the best one yet with my best friend and now-husband. Hoorah!

So today I sit down (yet again) with my journal and my brand spankin’ new Ink + Volt planner and stare down the barrel of 2017 with pure anticipation.

If you know me, you know I’m not the best planner. I can’t do math, calendars are more of a concept than a fact and watches are more like battery-powered bracelets.

I’m a dreamer. Dreamers have a lot of fun, but we don’t tend to get much done.

But then there are born planners. People like my husband who get everywhere 15 hours minutes early. From the perspective of a dreamer, planners don’t look like they live lives full of whimsy. But, man, do they get crap done.

Couldn’t there be an in-between? A space where people like me could not only dream, but also have a road map to reach those dreams?

That’s why I almost cried when I cracked open my Ink + Volt planner. There is room to dream, plan, journal, reflect, set goals and celebrate. If you truly use it to its potential, it can even hold you accountable. It. is. genius.

In fact, the goal of Ink and Volt’s creator, Kate Matsudaira, is to help others get one step closer to their dreams.


To quote myself in a text to another creative: “IT IS AMAZING YOU HAVE TO HAVE ONE.”

Goal setting like a creative

A handful of my favorite highlights from the planner:

  • Space to record your achievements as they happen
  • Goals checklist to begin each month
  • 31-day challenge for each month, complete with why and how you’ll make it happen
  • Goals to begin each week
  • Weekly outlook
  • PHENOM journaling prompts to begin each week

And I’m so thankful that Kate took the time to post these goal setting worksheets on the planner’s blog: What did you learn this year?, Make next year count, and What ARE you going to do next year?

(I also supplemented with Jennie Allen’s 2017 Dream Guide.)

I spent hours with these worksheets, bouncing between reflecting, grabbing books that inspire me (Work Clean, Restless and The Circle Maker) and looking up scripture. Anything that helped me begin to answer the question: Who do I want to be in 2017?

Enter, the opening of the Ink + Volt planner: 2017 Theme.

I’m a sucker for themes (even my wedding had one) because it gives you a standard by which to measure your decisions. For example, if my theme for the year were “be intentional,” before I set a goal in my planner I could ask myself, “Does this help me live intentionally?” So you can imagine my excitement when the planner starts off with room to brainstorm just that.

As I mulled over my theme for the year, I wanted to make sure it addressed one of my main goals (to develop a process for daily life) and helped grow my faith. A handful of themes I considered that might get your gears turning:

  • Live slow, dream big
  • Dwell in hope
  • Present over perfect

Then it hit me as I was scrolling through the Instagram account belonging to a book on my reading list, @wildandfreebook:

Walk wild, rest free.


I deal with a lot of anxiety, most of it performance-based. Did I email that client? Did I write that blog post? Was it even good enough?

So you can imagine that the idea of being able to rest free resonates deep down in my soul. Oh, and walking wild? Just the thing a dreamer like myself needs.

I’m thrilled to chase after 2017 with a theme my heart beats fast for and a planner to guide my wild spirit through it.

If you want to start your year off right with an Ink + Volt planner, you can enter to win your own on my Instagram through January 4. See you there!

Author: Daniella

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