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I love a good trend. Always have. Yesterday, I was reminded of when, in my infinite stylishness, I sported a suede fringed Limited Too belt (kinda like this one) around my hips for the better part of sixth grade. So cool, right?

But not all trends are created equal, friends. Which is why I humbly ask all of you to cut it out with the cropped, flared denim.

I could not be more serious. 

If you’re unfamiliar with said trend here are a few examples: this, I can’twhy.





This is why you should never, ever wear flared and cropped jeans

Do you know what flared and cropped denim does? It makes your legs look shorter. Yeah. Instead of having this beautiful long, lean leg that a great pair of jeans creates, you have weird stubby legs cut off at the calf and sad, cold ankles.

Do you know who should be wearing these kinds of jeans? Literally no one.

Please let this trend die. Not now, but right now. Even my close, personal friend Tim Gunn wrote that no woman should ever wear cropped pants.

How to wear cropped denim (sort of)

If you really want to try this trend, how about just rolling your favorite pair of skinnies or boyfriend jeans once or twice? Unless your skinnies are super tight around the ankle, things tend to get all bunched and weird if you try to tuck jeans into booties, so the jean roll is a real go-to for me. Honestly, I cuff my jeans with just about everything.

Bonus, there are a bunch of different ways to cuff jeans, and none of them involve cropped/flared or otherwise unflattering denim.

So cuff, not crop. Sound like a compromise?

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