Is Your Closet a Waste of Time?

Do you ever feel like you need a break from all the stuff in your life? Whether that’s emotional baggage or literal baggage (I’m talking about a closet full of blah), every now and then it’s healthy to take a step back and simplify.

By simplifying our closets, we create space in life for what really matters: relationships, side hustles, activism, changing the world. You name it.

Simplifying your life helps you be your best you. Simplifying your closet helps you get to that life faster.

How can we start saving time and living more simply?

Simplifying your closet can help you live your best life. I have five ways you can start saving time and living more simply right now.

Simplifying your closet can help you live your best life. I have five ways you can start saving time and living more simply right now.

Simplifying your closet can help you live your best life. I have five ways you can start saving time and living more simply right now.

Simplifying your closet can help you live your best life. I have five ways you can start saving time and living more simply right now.

Wear a watch instead of using your phone

I have to admit I’m a little embarrassed by how groundbreaking this one seems. “You mean I can tell time on my WRIST?” Mind blown.

Hear me out.

I was having a conversation with my cousin about being attached to our phones and she noted how freeing it feels to wear a watch instead of relying on her phone to tell time. (Everything comes full circle, right?)

Tell me if this sounds familiar.

Oh, what time is it?

*Taps phone*

Hmm 2:43 p.m. 

*Twenty-six minutes later*

How have I been missing this Beyoncé meme Instagram account my whole life? … Oh better save that recipe for when I never make it.

As helpful as our smartphones are, they can also be a huge time waster if we’re not careful. Do yourself a favor a treat yoself to a watch. Oh, what’s that? Why yes, I do have a code for 25% off a JORD wood watch just for you. You’re welcome.

Define your style

If you’ve spent any time here, you know how important it is to define your style. Not because I believe that style is the end all or be all, but because it’s pretty hard to shop with any confidence if you don’t actually know what your personal style is. And I’m not talking about following trends or being someone you’re not. I’m talking about figuring out what makes your style unique and then shopping with laser focus to fulfill that.

Plus, I know how hard it can be to get dressed when you feel like you’re Frankenstein-ing an outfit together from a schizophrenic closet. Getting really set on what your style is can help you build a much more cohesive wardrobe and save you oodles of time in the mañana.

Oh? You need a free worksheet to help define your style? Consider it done (just fill out the form below).

Clean out your closet

Other than spilling yogurt down the crack between your oven and the countertop (hi, welcome to my life), nothing costs more time in the morning than wading through a closet exploding with clothes only to wear the same outfit again because you can’t be late for that 8:30 a.m call again. 

I love this quote by Jen Sincero in general, but I definitely think it applies in the context of our closets, “Think of people, items, old identities, etc. If they don’t give you joy or inspiration, either get rid of them or pull back from them instead of fighting to keep them.”

If your clothes don’t bring you joy or inspiration, they have no place in your closet.

Take the time to simplify your closet. And, once you have that clean slate, be thoughtful about only bringing in clothes you love.

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Keep a wishlist

When you shop according to a wishlist, it lets you be intentional with every single purchase. There’s no such thing as an impulse buy or buyer’s remorse when you make decisions based on a wishlist that you’ve carefully curated and maybe even saved up that moola for.

This actually creates positive energy around your clothes because you haven’t bought them under duress or on a whim. You can now know that you love everything in your closet and get rid of that guilt that comes from looking at things you’ve only worn once.

And, if you shop fair fashion, you can also know that you’ve helped support movements like fair wages, sustainability and better working conditions. Win!

Consider a capsule wardrobe

What’s a capsule wardrobe? A capsule wardrobe is essentially a versatile (read: mix-and-matchable) mini-wardrobe of about 40 pieces that you rotate every three months. You plan and shop for that season’s capsule a few weeks beforehand, but, once the seasons starts, there is no more shopping.

For example, in mid-May, you’d start planning for the summer and do a little shopping to fill in any gaps. Then, June through August you’d wear those 40-some pieces you’ve selected, mixing and matching them to your heart’s content until fall rolls around and you start the process over.

Although I did not stick with my capsule wardrobe, I’m so glad I went through the exercise. If you’re serious about simplicity and getting ready faster, I would definitely consider this approach.

Can you pick one thing from this list that you’ll commit to today? Let me know in a comment, friend!

Author: Daniella

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