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Can I first just tell you how much I wish we were doing this over coffee? I have a feeling we’d have a lot to say to each other.

Since we’re only virtual friends (for now), please know that my sincerest hope is that you will find a community of strong + real women here. Women who take ownership of their appearance, but don’t let it define them.

Women who enjoy style and beauty, but also know that falling in love with the person you are becoming and the joys of honest-to-goodness relationships carry so much more weight than whatever you pulled off of your hanger this morning.

Women who are, above all, clothed with strength and dignity, authenticity and grace.

Because if we can be honest—and I so hope we can—the world does not need more opinions on fashion. Plain and simple. But what it does need is more women who can not only show grace to each other, but also to themselves.

Who can embrace their imperfections so recklessly that they would use the damaged threads of their life, the ones we try so desperately to hide, to build up others and love them well.

Someday I truly hope we do meet over coffee, sweet friend. Until then, leave me a love note, give me a follow or even hire me as your style coach.


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